I believe this can be applied to every aspect of life. For example, a child that enters the world prematurely might have to battle illness because they were delivered before their full development. In addition, food that is not fully cooked can leave you unsatisfied or sick due to the improper preparation. Moreover, relationships can often be the same meeting prematurely or forcing a relationship before the proper time can be absolutely detrimental to the relationship. You probably get the point that I am trying to stress. Ultimately, anything that is premature has the potential become unhealthy. Although it might seem fine at first, their can be underlying, negative effects that come along with prematurity. Therefore, allow the Lord to fully develop you so that you are prepared for exactly what HE has for you in HIS time. Do not force fruit nor force the development. He has a purpose for this time of patience. You will see.
  His Disciple,


1 Timothy 4:12