Dear Child of the King,

Our hearts should have no knowledge of boundaries in regards to love. Love should be endless. Our hearts only know boundaries because of the standards human love has placed upon love. We are used to love eventually giving up on us. We are all too familiar with love disappointing us. We are too used to love’s promises failing us and breaking. However, we are only used to this because of the source in which we are receiving the love from. We have been hurt in the past by human love. It is not love’s fault. Love is not the culprit. The culprits are the ones who are abusing love. And the most heartbreaking truth in all of this is the fact that we are so prone to not know how to love because of the love in which we have received. We don’t know how to love past our own hurts. Therefore, we must learn how love like our King. The true creator of love. The One who defines love at its finest.

May you truly relish His love friend!

His Disciple,
1 Timothy 4:12