Dear Christ follower,
“You cannot start the next chapter if you keep reading the last.”
I believe that it is easy for each of us to fall into this habit. I am guilty of having been so fixated upon my past that I was hindering the Lord’s plans for my life. We have to be ready. We must be prayed up, built up, and fully equipped in and by the Holy Spirit so that we can be ready. Moreover, we can be read for the next exciting chapter that He has written for us.
When we become so focused on our current or our last chapter, we are placing limits on God. For example, when we do this it is similar to when an individual tries to walk forward yet you are not looking to see what is before you or attempting to drive while you are focused on your rear view mirror. Are you ready for God to turn the next page in your book?
His Disciple,


1 Timothy 4:12