Dear Disciple,
It is not in God’s nature to fail us or forsake us. However, it is in His nature to take us out of our comfort zones, taking us to unfamiliar places, and elevating us to new heights. If we are never stretched then we get comfortable. Whenever we become laxed, it removes our need for God. Whenever we become comfortable, it reduces our need for God. We need to need God. God also knows that we often only call out to Him when we need Him. Do you ever turn to God and make it about Him? This is a mark of maturity in your walk with Christ. Whenever you choose to make your prayers about Him and what He desires, it will open your eyes, blessing you with His perspective and aligning your spirit with His will!
I pray that tonight you seek to will what He wills as He envelops you in His love and anointing!

His Disciple,


1 Timothy 4:12