Dear disciple,

Expectations. They exist whether we realize it or not whether they are revealed or on the contrary a temporary thought. We may try to ignore them but they spur within a tumbleweed being blown in the deep variables of the wind. We can turn right or left expecting our necks to support our heads we can take our next step and believe our leg won’t lead us to fall to the shattering of everything we had hopes in with faith as our heart attempts not to fold from our attempt at being ever so bold. They are subtlety implied or belted out without a further hunch. Expectations are hopelessly built into our seams whether they have come to life or they are buried far into the deep the truth is they scream they spill out reality. Yet they are created. They are created with a purpose at times our expectations even build anxiously with an unwanted nervousness. He made them to ensue an endless hope within Him. God wants us to expect the unexpected of Him not a barely surfacing experience hardly scraping the rim. He wants us to believe the impossible is tangible with the guaranteed insurance of relentless joys scrambled. That’s why expectations exist they exist they stand with purpose of that underlying twist.

May you be blessed this week with a spirit that is eager for His love. May you wait patiently with great expectations from your loving Heavenly Father!


His Disciple,


1 Timothy 4:12