I don’t know that I am quite ready to be done with the holiday season, the beautiful decorations, gazing at the Christmas tree, and the subtle ease of the merry spirit. It seems that with each year that passes by, the holidays always seem to come and go quicker and quicker. However, I must say that every single time Christmas day actually comes around I am able to soak up every bit of love and joy that comes with it.

Ornaments This little guy won’t be hanging around on the tree anymore.


And I won’t be able to gaze at this sparkling beauty on a daily basis.

Blurred Christmas Tree

But even though I’ll miss these sweet elements of the holiday season, I am more then happy to welcome the new beginnings, adventures, and beautiful wonders of this upcoming year.

Isn’t it interesting how as the new year approaches and the very last day of the year comes to an end, everybody starts to reminisce about the past year and live as if today could be their last day?

It makes you stop and think because we should be living every day with that perspective, attitude, and manner. Our hearts should always be in a position of thankfulness, appreciative of growth, and longing for more as the beginnings of each moment dawn upon us. Every moment that God gives us another moment should always be a moment of thanksgiving and praise because you never know which moment could be your last one.

Christmas lights

On that note, as we hang up this year, I pray that as we all spend our last moments of 2015 that we would all be humble spirited, full of thanks, and welcoming of the blessings that God has ordained for the beautiful year ahead of us!