Its times times like these where I fall and fall falling to my knees to know what’s next would bring a sudden release, a complete sense of ease, a slight hint of relief. But this is where He wants me. To see me suffer? No, to see me need need Him heed Him just so I can breathe a sense of desperation for Him and total surrender if you please. Do I wonder what’s next? Yes, I just might but to rely on God’s strength would give true relief and insight. There is no telling what’s next my next breath whether He’ll have me turn right or left. Why why do these things happen? Because He wants to grow me and prepare me for what He is going to reveal to me next, He says one step further perhaps try not to guess. Is it a test? Yes, if I trust Him now it shows the extent of my belief to stumble once in awhile He is still patient with me. To sincerely honor and bless Him with my obedience is to keep my eyes fixed upon Him and He’ll lead me one step after another just until then. I’m ready to see You do big things I’m ready for my heart is now listening.

Are you ready?